I am irrelevant.

New blog.

Follow it if you’d like.

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So how was that boy you had to yourself all weekend love ;D


Lmfaaaao. Long story. My new URL is fortheloveofmushrooms. Follow me because I’ll no longer be using this account.

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Could you stay out of mine and Michael's relationship and leave him alone ? Thanks.


Michelle, you seriously need to stop stalking me. You’re getting annoying. Stop being a controlling little bitch. Michael can talk to/fuck who he wants. He broke up with you for a reason. We’re just friends. Stop assuming shit, bruh.

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Laying out on the field, in a tent, listening to live bands play as you fall asleep is the most amazing feeling there is.

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I’ve spent the entire day at the Earth Jam Festival. Got to chill with Duncan & Jacob this morning. As I was sitting in a chair on the lawn an old friend walked up. I’ve missed her greatly. Last year at this exact festival we had recently went threw fallout & didn’t talk for months then we saw each other at this festival & made up. Sarah has spent the day smoking & hooping & dancing with me. Although Cat couldn’t make it I had an amazing day. (: Love & Lights, kiddos. c:

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Midnight 5/2/14

I am tripping so hard
I’ve lost my mind
Hunters cute
Michael & Michelle belong together
Jesse’s still Jesse. Cliff is the chillest fucking nigga. I have to see Logan tomorrow he’s going to know me & Michael are fuckedddd up I can’t really read tbh

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Always Buying Xtra Just In Case